Insect Repellant

New Insect Repellant Could Save Your Life

One of the biggest annoyances of camping in the great outdoors can be dealing with the insects. What if you want to avoid becoming insect food, but are against using harmful repellents? Now, thanks to better technology, you can live bug-free without harming the environment— you just need the right insect repellant. And if you’re into the eco-friendly type, you can get high-tech repellants to get rid of those insects without poisons or chemicals.

Ultrasonic Cordless Portable Mosquito Repeller

The cordless portable mosquito repeller keeps insects away without using poison. An LED light shows when it’s working, and you can use it indoors or outdoors. Just clip it to your belt or bag and set the dial to the desired setting.


ThermaCELL MR-9L Mosquito Repellent Pest Control Outdoor and Camping Cordless Lantern

This repellent offers a 15×15 foot protection area, effectively repelling bugs for up to 225 square feet. It mostly helps with flying insects, and is battery operated and thus can be moved from place to place. The eight LED lights also offer great illumination.

Bugables Skin Repellent Bracelets

These are great bracelets for anyone on the go, and work well for hiking, walking, and more. These are especially good for kids who don’t like inhaling bug spray poisons. Just slip one on and it protects you from all sorts of flying insects. They smell like citronella and lemongrass oil, and if you find that a unpleasant, don’t worry because the smell starts to diminish as you keep wearing the bracelet.

Amazon Lights New All-Natural Insect Repellent Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks – Set of 12 with 2.5 Hours Burn Time

This is another all natural solution of natural oils mixed with Andiroba. These are 12-foot sticks that protect your garden and patio against insects.

It’s About Keeping the Insects Away, Not Killing Them

You don’t have to poison insects to keep them away. There are more than a few types of insect repellents that will get the job done, you just have to look for the type of insect repellent that works with your outdoor situation.


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