How to Charge Your Camera Batteries While Camping

On a great camping trip, pictures serve as a reminder of some spectacular times. You may never have another chance to see that beautiful place again. Yet here you are on a week-long camping trip, and the occasion presents itself – how do you charge your camera batteries while camping? You have no electricity out there and you can’t just plug in that rechargeable box.

Unfortunately, these are the little things you have to plan for before you go camping. There is really no solution for the problem if it happens while on the camping trip, so be prepared before you leave.

If you haven’t left yet, and still have a few shopping days for that trip, then this is what you can do to charge your battery while on a camping trip.

The 300 Watt Sine Wave Inverter

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If you’ve got a car or an RV at the campsite, get something like a 300 Watt Sine Wave Inverter. All you need to do is plug it into the lighter outlet in the car. This takes the 12 Volt DC power from your vehicle’s battery and converts it to household AC power.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand, just plug it into the outlet and plug your camera’s AC plug into the inverter.   Wait for an hour or so before you unplug your camera and it’s fully charged.

Solar Charger

Sunforce Coleman 7.5W Folding Panel helps to charge USB or 12-volt devices with the Coleman 7.5 watt folding solar charger. It easily charges smartphones, cell phones, digital cameras, GPS systems and more anywhere and at any time. This folding solar charger is a portable unit, perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, emergency power solutions and a variety of outdoor activities. It has a lightweight and compact design, so you can place this unit in a backpack or suit case. The charger can unfold to charge an electrical device and fold up once the device is fully charged. This foldable solar unit provides ultimate convenience, making it a permanent staple for all traveling and outdoor needs.

When you know your camp site is in a very sunny location, and you can leave your device charging for a few hours, you might want to consider a foldable lightweight solar charger for USB devices.  All you have to do is unfold the solar panel device and connect the camera to the USB port on the solar charger. Make sure you leave the solar charger in a bright sunny spot and it will charge the camera and many other devices like your smartphone, cell phone and GPS system.  Disconnect the camera after a few hours of charging and refold the solar panel device. This offers a practical solution because the solar charger can go with you on a hiking trip and doesn’t take up much space.

Regular NiCd or NiMH Batteries

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Charging your camera will also depend on the type of batteries you use.  When your camera uses regular NiCD or NiMH batteries, get a solar charger for this type of battery. This solar charger works much like a regular battery charger, so just place the battery in the compartment. Use the number of batteries your camera requires and place the charger in a sunny spot. The battery charger will charge two batteries at a time and you can adjust the top solar lid to ensure optimal exposure.



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