Navigation Tools that will Point a Kayaker to his Destination

Do you have a long day of kayaking coming up? Don’t forget to pack up your navigation tools. Even the most experienced kayaker can lose his way if he lacks decent navigation tools. Aside from the basic map and pencil, here is the gear that will guide you during your kayaking trip:


You can never go wrong with a basic compass to understand your location. It always points to the magnetic north no matter your position, which can be very handy in assessing your bearings.

But what type of compass should you bring? There’s no need to stress out here, as a basic waterproof hiking compass like the Military Prismatic Sighting Compass by SE will do. At $9.03, this cheap addition to your kayaking gear could save you a lot of time.

If you have a little extra to spend though, consider investing in a deck compass. You can install this compass on the bow deck of your kayak so that you won’t have to stop paddling every time you want to check your bearings. Brunton 58-Kayak Marine Compass comes at $42.65, but you won’t regret the price while you enjoy the thrill of a non-stop, long-distance kayak trip.


Parallel ruler

A compass will point you to the right direction, but you still need to plot your course on the map. You won’t be able to do that without a quality parallel ruler like Weems & Plath Marine Navigation Parallel Ruler. This $49.29 item is especially designed for marine use and has handles and arms made of solid brass.



What if you lack basic compass skills or have no time to master it? Will that prevent you the long-distance kayak trip you planned?

Not at all! There’s always a GPS that can guide you through your trip. That may seem like cheating, but we live in a Digital Age and there’s nothing wrong taking advantage of what technology can offer. There’s also a myriad of reasons why buying a GPS will benefit you as a kayaker. Do note that GPS models today have the ability not just to track location, but the speed and total distance travelled of the user. If, for example, you’re just looking to improve your kayaking performance, a GPS can be of great help in tracking your average speed.

With that said, you can never go wrong with buying a quality GPS like Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator ($169.85). This unit is waterproof, robust, has a twenty-hour battery life and is packed with all the excellent features you would expect of a bestselling GPS.



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