Top iPhone Apps for Outdoorsmen

iPhone applications have a way of making our lives easier, more entertaining, and potentially safer. They can amuse many types of people with countless types of interests — even outdoorsmen. Being able to carry so many essentials inside of one, lightweight device is a huge benefit to the typical outdoorsman. Outdoorsmen usually tend to carry a quite a few pounds of equipment with them and iPhone applications can help severely reduce that weight.

Geocaching is an outdoor game played by many people through the Geocaching app. There are over 2 million geocaches, or “hidden treasures” worldwide, which are carefully scattered outdoors in many different, beautiful places – perfect for traveling outdoorsmen. This app can take you to stunning places close by that you’ve never seen before, or maybe there’s even a geocache that you never knew about located where you usually have your outings. The introduction version of the app is free, which navigates the user to geocaches in their area only. The full app costs $9.99. This is a fun, adventure game enjoyed by many adventurous outdoorsmen.

Maps 3D


A perfect all-in-one navigation system for biking, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities for just $4.99. One particularly impressive perk of this app is that you can use it without Internet connection. This app also includes trip planning, which allows you to search for different towns, streets, parks, mountains, and lakes. The app can also track your distance traveled, and even display your current and average speed. Another fun, friendly aspect to this app is that it allows you to easily share your trips with friends, personally or through social media.  Getting lost can be a huge obstacle for outdoorsmen, so a navigation system is highly recommended. It’s extremely beneficial because the app fits neatly inside your phone, so you don’t have to worry about carrying so much gear with you.

The Knot Guide

Outdoorsmen should know how to tie a good knot. Knots are used for activities such as camping, climbing, fishing, trapping, or even putting up a hammock. Not all people are experienced in knot tying, so a quickly accessible, step-by-step knot tying guide app with pictures can give you all the information you need on how to tie hundreds of knots.  The Knot Guide is a free app that provides you with over one hundred different kinds of knots. The app categorizes the knots by purpose to make it easy to find which one you’re looking for. You can also create a “favorite” list, so you can easily refer back to your most commonly used knots.

Star Chart

For night watchers, Star Chart is an app that allows you to point your camera at the stars – wherever you are – and it will tell you what stars or planets you’re looking at using GPS technology.  This app also operates as a star and solar system guide, giving you a lot of information about the stars or planets you see. This app also contains plenty of perks stargazers will love, such as a strong zoom function that gives you a closer look at the sky and the capability to see how the sky looks in another part of the world.

The Edible and Poisonous Plants

Every outdoorsman should be familiar with his or her surroundings. Knowing what’s good for you and what can harm you is crucial.  The Edible and Poisonous Plants app sells for $0.99 in the App Store. It includes information about over 100 edible plants, and 15 poisonous plants. Light snacks provided by Mother Nature can definitely be a tasty treat, but you have to be very careful because some poisonous plants may look surprisingly appetizing.



Flashlights are very helpful to outdoorsmen, but require batteries and pocket space. Download a free, basic flashlight app to avoid these aspects. Flashlight apps can be downloaded at your convenience. Instead of rummaging through your equipment, looking for the flashlight, you can just press one button on your iPhone to quickly access your flashlight when you need it.

First aid


Injuries happen fast, so you definitely need a quick response system while outdoors. First aid is a free app sponsored by American Red Cross. It has a 911 extension readily available during any time. Also, it comes with step-by-step instructions for injury treatment, weather the injury is major or minor: allergic reactions, asthma attacks, heart attacks, bleeding, broken bones, burns, bug bits, and a lot more.  Also, for the more extreme outdoorsmen, American Red Cross also made other emergency apps that include information, instructions, and updates about disasters such as tornados, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

SAS Survival Guide

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For adventurers who potentially face harm during their outdoor hobbies, the SAS Survival Guide app is bundled with the full text of the SAS Survival Guide hard copy for $5.99.  With the help of technology, the app includes how-to videos on some of the included survival techniques. This is a fast and easy way to get the information you’re looking for. The guide covers potential survival skills in many different types of conditions an adventurer could be faced with. It provides you with survival information in extreme climates such as extreme cold, extreme heat, and at sea. It also gives survival information on situations dealing with fire, chemicals, and dangerous animals. This app operates without Internet connection, so this app could bring relief to any outdoorsmen in a sticky or life-threatening situation.

The greatest benefit that applies to downloading any of these apps is that in doing so will seriously reduce the amount of weight you’ll need to carry with you. Your compass, GPS, guides, camera, and emergency contacts are all located in a single, lightweight device. (Waterproof iPhone cases are definitely a great investment.) There are thousands of iPhone apps available at the App Store, and many of them can benefit your particular interests. iPhones have a way of enhancing what we like to do (no matter where we are), and how easily we can do it.


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