5 Easy Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

5 Easy Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

Before you go camping, always try to be as environmentally friendly as you possibly can. We want to take good care of Mother Nature; so, here are 5 easy, environmentally friendly camping tips that will hardly change your camping experience, but greatly benefit the environment.

You won’t only receive a pricy ticket for littering, but you will also be harming the environment by throwing your trash on the ground. Bring trash bags to temporarily store your trash while camping. Please either put your trash in a designated trashcan, or bring your trash back to civilization where it can be properly disposed. Also, when you see someone else’s trash on the ground, pick it up! Stick it in your waste, and dispose of it properly. Never litter! Also, keep in mind that you can seriously reduce the amount of trash you’ll produce by loosing the individual water bottles or soda cans. Bring a few 5-gallon jugs of water, and reusable water containers for all campers.

If you’re camping with a large family, or even more than one family, carpooling to the campsite is another eco-friendly option. Also, consider camping at a location near your house, so you won’t have to drive as far either. Furthermore, try to limit how much you drive while at the campsite. Since you’re goal in camping is to get in touch with nature, try walking to your destination if possible. Reducing the amount of gas you use on your camping ventures is ideal.

If you are a beginner camper, or if you don’t camp very often, consider buying or renting used camping gear. It’s a good idea to purchase or rent used gear, because it’s less expensive, and ideal for campers who do not camp often. You can find some good used camping gear on Amazon. Also, if you’re purchasing gear with aspirations to use it for a few years, purchase durable brands that will last, instead of having to buy more gear every year.

Help reduce the amount of chemicals in the air and on the ground, by only using natural or organic soap, toiletries, and bug spray/sunscreen while camping. Try Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure-Castile Soap, easily found on Amazon, along with many other products that are similar. Outdoorsmen and campers use this product as an all-purpose cleansing soap (for hair, body, and even dishes). The product contains all natural, organic certified ingredients, is biodegradable, and is packaged in 100% recycled material. This brand is the top selling natural soap in the U.S.A. Regardless of if you’re camping or not, it’s smart to use such products on your skin anyway, because all those added chemicals aren’t even necessary for your skin or for the environment. The best part is that you don’t have to use it for camping only. You can use it for any type of outdoor activity, or even at home!

For campers who indulge in campfires, keep these following tips in mind. Prevent wild fires by always igniting a safe fire. Try using fire pits provided by the campsite. If you’re camping elsewhere, make sure you have a safe, clear area. Always have water and dirt close by incase of emergencies. Also, don’t cut down branches from a living tree; only use dead branches that have already fallen. In addition, don’t clear a new space for your campfire. Try to use a designated fire pit, or an area that has been previously cleared.

Camping should always be as eco-friendly as possible. Try incorporating these tips next time you go camping; you’ll be making a huge difference!


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