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The Bike Riding Teaching Aid That Prepares Kids for That Long Trail Ride


Look at me go! I’m riding my bike and this is more fun than anything else. I feel the wind in my face, and nothing I can think of compares to it.

That’s what I feel like when I ride a bike. Yet, the last time I had been on a long bike ride was before I was pregnant, which was six years ago.

Now I wanted my son to have that feeling too, but my six year old was scared. He still hadn’t gotten the hang of riding a bike, so how would he handle a five mile trail ride? “Hmm,” I thought, “we certainly need to practice.” My son is a bit shy, and a little self-conscious, and that makes the situation more difficult. What we needed here was some kind of teaching aid I could use – something that would make him feel safe as he learned to master his new two wheel bike.


So here is what I found.  The WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer. This was the perfect solution. I picked this little accessory up online, and though a little expensive, it certainly gave my son the security he needed. This is a sturdy bike trailer that helps you bond and teach your child to ride a bike. I love the fact that it attaches easily to my own seat post.

In other words, the attachment lets me guide his bike and pull it along behind mine. It offers him the needed support balance, which all children need until they get their special bike balance.

I guess you could say this does the job of holding the bike, sort of like our parents did for us as they ran behind us when we were children, except that this is much better. It offers a new method of teaching kids to ride a bike and helps them avoid the scrapes and bumps that come with learning.

What’s So Special?

This is an easy and secure teaching method that attaches to any adult bike, yet acts like a regular bike with regular handlebars, pedals and seat. It also has a quick release detachment that releases the child’s bike when he is ready.  This really is the best learning method for children I have ever seen. I’m so glad I invested in it.



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