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Must-Have Mountain Biking Gear: The Forefront Mountain Biking Helmet

Sometimes it’s not technology that makes a good product; sometimes it’s just good old fashioned human ingenuity that works.  For instance, sometimes you can get better functionality from things just by using some good old common sense. For instance, a camp stove may get better cold-weather performance just by turning the fuel canister upside down; a head lamp may illuminate better by letting the lens float; and when it comes to bycicle helmets, well it may be something as simple as a color change that does the trick.

That’s why I am so smitten with Smith Optics and the striking Forefront mountain bike helmet. Since buying it last year, I’ve had several chances to use it while in the saddle. It sure has a lot of features that I like; however I wish you have a better cooling system for hot summer weather. Still, over all I say this is the one of the best made all weather mountain bike helmets I’ve seen in a while.

I think that the forefront is different from other bike helmets in several key ways. It has a bold stylish look like no weather out there, and as such, it manages to attract several compliments. The interesting Aerocore liner used on the interior forgoes the more conventional polystyrene materials and instead uses a new high-tech plastic that looks much like a honeycomb. This new material is called Koroyd, and what makes it so much better than others is that it can absorb up to 30% more shock that comes from impact; and this, after all, is the purpose of wearing helmet; to protect the all-important grey matter.

In fact the manufacturer, Smith Optics suggests that the new Aerocore lining absorbs about 30% more than any of the on-the-market liners.

Imagine my surprise when I came to find out that this is the first trail helmet for Smith Optics. That’s because the company has done an excellent job in figuring out what a helmet really need. Upon first inspection, it looks like there are numerous sharp edges that extrude from the liner, looking like it might be uncomfortable. But after using it for a while, and despite its looks, the fit is remarkable, even for people who have thin hair or no hair at all.

I do like the smart shape, and it’s minimalistic look. This may seem like a small helmet, but it got been inside, and this is probably due to Smith’s ample experience with snow sports helmets. It contains ample padding, and the high-tech easy to operate VaporFit water retention system.

What Is This Aerocore Design

The purpose of the Aerocore design is to disperse the energy of an impact. This new technology does this through Koroyd tubes, which look like a zig zag of tiny straws. These absorb and disperse the energy, which may the helmet about 30% safer than other mountain biking options. To complete the protection, the manufacturer has also integrated skeletal structure like system.


Logically, safety is the manufacturer’s main objective, however usability was also carefully considered in the making of the Forefront. For instance, the visor is adjustable and can be removed if it causes causes discomfort.

Then there is the integrated camera or light mount, which allows you to quickly add these items. The helmet also integrates a goggle retention strap which holds them in place at the back of the helmet. The vent system is also well designed to allow air in, but they also offer room to store sunglasses when you don’t want them on the ride.

The interior lining is soft against your skin and absorbs moisture. You can control the system with an easy turn dial option. Forefront offers the coverage and protection of a much heavier and larger helmet, like that of Enduro, but it comes at a lower weight and size. This is a bike helmet that sits in a category of its own.

Fashion Sense

Smith has also paid attention to the little details here too, incorporating fabulous color, making the helmet available in ten different hues. The shape and style are rocking as well. If you’re an avid mountain biker this is the helmet you want to take a look at.


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