Gear You Need to Travel to Europe

So, you’re taking a trip to Europe. You want to take tea with Queen of England in London, wrestle with giants in Ireland, find love in Paris and fight in the Coliseum. You’ve got your tickets booked, but what do you need to pack? Don’t worry, this post will tell you what you need.


Right now, it is summer in Europe – so this post has been written with that in mind. Europe can be exceedingly warm in the months between June and September, often reaching temperatures of above 30 degrees Centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenheit). With that said, it’s always safe to expect rain in Britain. You’ll need at least five comfortable shirts and it’s best to get these in a pattern or material that won’t be as susceptible to wrinkling as it’s likely that you’ll be traveling a lot. This men’s shirt from Ben Sherman is just the sort of thing that men should be looking at. It’s long sleeved but can be rolled-up if need be. The light pattern will hide wrinkles well and won’t attract the sun as much, which will keep you cooler. Buy it on Amazon here.

For women, this plain blouse from Espirit is the sort of thing you should consider. Stylish, lightweight and machine washable, this blouse will see that you look glamorous on your vacation. Buy it on Amazon here.


The length of pants you choose is a matter of preference, but bear in mind the climate of the country you’ll be visiting and the sorts of activities you’ll be doing while you’re there. Whichever you decide on, you’ll need two pairs. For men, these chinos are a great addition to the suitcase. They suit smart and casual occasions and are super comfortable for walking. Buy it on Amazon here.

If you’re thinking of wearing shorts while you’re there, then you should consider something like this pair from. They’re lightweight and smart enough to accommodate sightseeing in all the old castles and churches of Europe. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women can’t go wrong with a pair of these denim shorts from Hilfiger, though it’s worth remembering that some of the more conservative establishments will require that you cover your knees (in case they distract the statues). Buy it on Amazon here.


Europe, like most places on the planet, can get cold at night. With this in mind, it’s best to make sure you have a nice lightweight jumper to ward off the evening chills – whether you’re enjoying the outdoor bars or taking romantic walks along the Riviera you don’t want to ruin the mood by shivering. This men’s jumper from Hilfiger is the just the sort of thing to keep you warm. Buy it on Amazon here.

Ladies should consider something along the lines of this floral printed jumper by Numph. They’re currently in fashion in Europe so you’ll fit right in with all the other moonlight strollers. Buy it on Amazon here.

Waterproof Jacket

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, Europe can be very wet – all year round. In the words of William Shakespeare ‘the rain it raineth everyday’, so don’t get caught out in the weather – just pack a jacket. Men should look at something like this jacket from Hilfiger. It’s lightweight so it will be great as a wind-breaker on warm, windy days. It’ll also fit neatly into a small bag and is waterproof. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women should look at something like this jacket from Bench. Like the jacket above, it’s light enough to deal with most European summer showers.


No matter what vacation you have planned in Europe, you’ll find that it will involve a lot walking. I recommend a pair of comfortable walking shoes that offer good traction. This pair of men’s trainers from Ecco look dressier and more European than regular sneakers, but any similar, low-profile tennis shoe with good tread will be fine for most scenarios. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women should look at getting something along the lines of these pumps from Converse (a staple favorite everywhere). These are super-comfortable and have never gone out of fashion anywhere – great for any party. No matter what shoes you decide to bring, be sure to break them in well before you leave.

Money Belt

These are flat, lightweight belts with small pockets to conceal all of your personal affects (cards, money, ID, keys, etc). They’re essential for any trip abroad, but remember they won’t work if you keep it in plain sight. Make sure that your money bag is a neutral colour that doesn’t contrast with your clothes – you do not want to draw attention to your money belt as tourists can often attract unwanted attention. This particular belt from Aqua Quest has double zip-lock seals and is also water proof – perfect at keeping those sneaky pinch-thieves at bay. Buy it on Amazon here.

Lightweight Bag

There is an old saying in England that states ‘a boy scout is always prepared’. Bags are great way of making sure you’re ready for all situations and are great for carrying your sweater, jacket, or book for the journey. This casual two-strap from BagBase is a great little bag. It’s been retro styled and can fit a lot of things without appearing too bulky. It also comes with padded straps to cushion your shoulders – perfect for walking around galleries or through gardens. Buy it on Amazon here.


Last, but not least, a journal. How else will you lovingly record the details of your next life changing trip? Your travel journal should be rugged and also be memento worthy – don’t just scrimp on a spiral bind. Moleskine notebooks are a perennial cult favourite among travel writers and come in all manner of designs – so you’re sure to find something you like. Buy it on Amazon here.


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