Metolius Brand Rock Climbing Equipment – Buy The Best Or None

Though I’m not a pro rock-climber, I’m constantly learning and exploring new avenues in this extreme sport. It’s important for people who are new to rock climbing to have reliable and quality rock climbing gear.

When I first started climbing rock outdoors (initially, I took my sessions indoors) I knew straight away how dangerous a slip could be. It was important for me to choose appropriate rocking gear that has a good reputation so that I can be assured of my safety in extreme conditions. After doing some research and taking advice from my peers, I finally landed on Metolius rock climbing equipment.

Why Metolius Climbing?

I thoroughly researched Metolius Climbing equipment before I got it for myself. Established in the 1980’s, Metolius Climbing was founded by a few North American climbers who shared the same passion for the sport. The company evolved gradually and is known for its quality, safety and design excellence. Metolius Climbing manufactures its equipment with great precision and quality. My research included reading various articles and reviews about this equipment, collecting opinions from my peers, and talking to various climbers who owned Metolius rock climbing equipment.

Advantages of Metolius rock climbing equipment:

  • Climbing Holds: To cater to individual’s needs, there are twelve different climbing holds, including bolt-on holds in different sizes. These climbing holds come with various designs such as screw-on, inside outs, colonettes and wood grips. Regardless of the design, all the Metolius climbing holds are strong and built with flexible fusion resin to resist breakages. Bolt-on holds are equipped with steel washers that boost strength and durability.
  • Bouldering Gear: Metolius has a team of experts that only design bouldering gear. Also, this is the one of the first companies to offer an entire range of bouldering equipment such as crash pads, bouldering bags, brushes, chalk, bouldering bucket, tape, and so on. Because of this, there was no need for me to look elsewhere for good bouldering equipment.
  • Cams: Cams are very important in any set of climbing gear. As a beginner, I use Master Cams, which are intended for cracks ranging from small to medium (0.34 to 1.89 inches). Care should be taken that the appropriate cam is chosen depending on the surface of the rock. Metolious has different cams that cater to different climbing tasks.


  • Price: I have heard a few people saying that Metolius rock climbbing equipment costs quite a bit. On the other hand, instead of buying some cheap and under quality equipment and risk my life, I would choose to invest more and get more reliable gear.

Bottom Line: When compared to the Aliens and Zeros, I would definitely rate this product a bit higher. It has exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend this and give it four and a half stars out of five.



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