Must-Have Skateboarding Gear – 5 Skateboard Trucks You Should Save up for

Common wear and tear will degenerate your skateboard trucks and this is quite common due to the amount of punishment these trucks endure on a regular basis. There comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your good old trucks and say hello to new ones. If now is that time, then read on.

Nowadays, we don’t necessarily have to go to the local skate shop (although we still have to support our local scene from time to time) to get quality gear. Today, you can shop for skateboard trucks by going to Amazon. If you are looking to replace your old trucks with the same model, go ahead and do so. However, if you are curious as to what other trucks might offer, check this top-five list for good skateboard gear.

Top 5 Skateboard Trucks

Krux Downlow Plaidypus 3.5 Trucks

Krux Downlow

The first product on the list is something worth checking out. For the price of $21.21 USD on Amazon, the Krux Downlow Plaidypus 3.5 Trucks are one of the lowest-turning trucks made for this price range. Designed for better grinds and tricks thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy construction, these trucks are some of the best skateboarding gear available if you’re on a budget. If you need backup trucks ASAP, get these.

Krux 5.0 The Fuzz Fall Truck

Krux 5.0

For people who want to upgrade their skateboard trucks, you might want to consider Kruz’s, 5.0 The Fuzz Fall Truck for $22.00 USD a piece. This skateboard truck is made for decks that are 8.3 to 9 inches wide. Made with high quality materials, you can expect the 5.0 to absorb rigorous punishment for months – even years – to come. If you hate the system and you want to grind them out, start with this skateboard gear.

Krux 4.0 Silas Hollow Tall Truck

Most skaters know that if some skateboard gears come in parts, they must be better than sets. With Krux’s 4.0 Silas Hollow Tall Truck as one of the examples, you will be pleased with where you $27 USD can take you. Designed for pro skater Silas Baxter Neal, this pro-model skateboard truck is made with professional-level materials. With hollow axles and a unique kingpin design, you can ensure that every trick and grind you do won’t disappoint.


If you find per-piece skateboard trucks to be out of your price range, INDEPENDENT’s Silver Raw Stage 11 might be your life saver. Priced competitively at $33.95 for a set, these skateboard trucks are a must-have if you need reliable trucks that last a long time. Made with high-grade materials, it is the safest investment you can make for your skateboarding gear.


Our last product on the list is yet another INDEPENDENT bundle – Stage 10 Skateboard Trucks. For only $39.99 USD on Amazon, you receive professional-level quality for two above-average skateboarding trucks. If you have a larger skateboard, expect this trucks to take every turn, carve and grind you throw at it. If you are into grinding, INDEPENDENT Stage 10 will grind with you.


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