Six of the Best Fixed Gear Bike Companies Today

Looking for a refreshingly different biking experience where you have more control of your every pedal? Try using a fixie bike. You’ve probably heard about these bikes either through the vast hipster culture, several fixie enthusiasts as well as the recent fashion show hot topic. Just by looking at the mainstream media, it’s already safe to say that fixie bikes are here to stay.

You’re probably thinking about what bike company you should opt in when it comes to fixies by now and you haven’t decided which bike company to pick. Well, to be honest, you can just go to a bike shop and check the fixed-gear bikes on sale and pick the best one that suits you. Forget about the fashion-inspired fixed-gear bikes as they serve no significant advantage over the normal ones except from the fact that their bikes scream “I have more money than you do.”

Since we are living in a world where the internet is a necessity for most people, it won’t be that hard to figure out which fixed gear bicycle company you’re going to invest on. To make your life a lot easier, we are going to feature a few fixie bike companies that are doing very well this 2014. If you are truly basing your option via the company, here are your potential top picks.

Best Fixed Gear Bike Companies

Sole Bicycles

Sole Bicycles is a well-respected fixed-gear bike company that specialize in city cruiser bicycles as well as single speed bicycles. The company aims to provide a bicycle that you will absolutely love the moment your bottom hits the seat. Founded in 2009, Sole Bicycles aim was to simply create a roadworthy fixed gear bikes that will topple the mediocre ones.

Five years later, they are still here and they have become even bigger. If you are looking for a fixie bike that is more than just a bike, you will love the lineup of Sole Bicycles as they have the perfect bike for you. Most of their bikes are designed for cruising so if you’re a fan of strolling around, you will definitely like what Sole Bicycles can offer.

City Bicycle Company

City Bicycle Company is one of California’s very own fixed-gear bike manufacturers. Being in the heart of the bicycle-friendly state, City Bicycle began from humble beginners to a formidable lineup. This company originally started just last year and they are already turning a lot of heads due to their quality fixie bikes such as the TYPE ONE bicycle.

If you are looking for a good fixie bike that is 100% made in the United States, you will definitely love the products featured by City Bicycle Company. Rediscover a new and refreshing way to roam and explore your town or city with the help of City Bicycle Company.

Wyatt Bicycle Company

Wyatt Bicycle Company is the makers of fixed-gear bikes and fat bikes that are getting quite popular nowadays. Originally founded in the summer of 2011, this company has revolutionized the fixie bike scene with their amazing bikes such as The Street King. Also, if you consider yourself as a fan of customizations, Wyatt ensures that you can totally customize every detail of the bike you want to suit your style.

Wyatt Bicycle Company usually sell their bikes around 300 bucks so if you’re looking for a quality fixed-gear bike around that price range, be sure to check out the awesome fixie bikes Wyatt Bicycle Company has on its repertoire.

State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co. is one of the most popular fixie manufacturers that comes in high quality materials and intelligent design. Founded in 2009, State Bicycle Co. has always been one of the premiere manufacturers of fixed-gear bikes ever since the trend got big. If you are looking for aesthetically-pleasing fixie bikes that are built to last, this company is a great candidate.

One of their high-end models is the Contender – a fixed-gear bike that is made from high quality carbon fiber and aluminum. If you are thinking of investing more than 500 bucks for a good fixed-gear bike, you should really consider the models featured by State Bicycles Co. as they have products that will definitely suit your taste.

Pure Fix Cycles

Pure Fix Cycles is yet another notable fixie bike manufacturer that is based in Los Angeles. If you are looking for a great fixie or single-speed bike, this company has a lot of bikes in their arsenal to offer. Among their top models are the Original, Glow, Premium as well as City models that have taken the country by storm.

If you are looking for a lightweight fixie bike that has everything you need as well as a brand you can trust, you can guarantee that Pure Fix Cycles is among the most recommended fixed-gear bike companies around the country today.

Cycles Mercier

The Mercier Cycles is a tried and tested bicycle company that has been around for some time. Home of the Mercier Kilo TT, this company is known for having one of the best entry-level fixed-gear bicycles on the planet. If you are looking for a great fixie bike that is made with high quality materials, this company is the right choice.

Whether you are aiming for Mercier’s Shimano Equipped Steel setups or Shimano Equipped Aluminum ones, you can expect high quality all throughout their products even the entry-level ones. If you want to make a safe investment as far as fixie bikes are concerned, Cycles Mercier is one of the best companies you can invest on.

Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes have been one of the most notable racing bike manufacturers for several decades. If you are looking for a bike company that knows their craft, Fuji bikes is definitely the best bike company you can put all your money to. Models such as the Fuji Track and Fuji Feather has received a lot of positive reviews due to its performance, durability and reliability.

If you are willing to spend more than 500 dollars for a good fixed-gear bicycle, it is more than safe to say that Fuji Bikes is truly one of the best fixed gear bike companies out there today. So, if you can afford it, go for it by all means as these bikes will last you a very long time as long as you take care of it.


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