A Tent Any Car Aficionado Will Love


My family is weird. I’m the female computer nerd who loves the great outdoors and my husband’s idea of a night on the town is relaxing at home in front of the T.V., an activity that just wouldn’t work for me, especially, since I work from home. Eventually, I did get him to enjoy day hikes or a long leisurely drive, which was fine for a while.

Then my son came along, and wouldn’t you know it, he loved camping just as much as I did. That was two against one, so now my husband has to trudge along with us on our yearly camping trip, even if he’s not happy with it.

Apparently, it’s not the outdoors that bothers him. To the contrary, he loves being outside. It’s being cramped up in a small tent that bothers him. He says he feels like he’s suffocating every time he crawls into one of our small, two-man tents.

So this year I decided to change things up a bit. I’m not going to stuff him into a tiny tent with us any longer, and instead I decided to find him his own tent.  “Hmm, it had to be large enough to stand up in, give him room to move about and not feel claustrophobic.”

I looked online and found this really cool tent, one that actually looked like a Volkswagen camper. I knew that he loved old cars and always thought the VW camper was a cool vehicle, so this was the answer to my problems.

This tent is a little more expensive than others but certainly worth it. It is unique and large enough to accommodate up to four grown men.

Needless to say, my husband loved his birthday gift. In fact, he ran out to the front lawn and set it up with my son. They even slept out there. It was fabulous.

The VW Camper van tent is an exact scale replica of the 1965 VW camper van. Every detail is there. It’s super simple to set up and comes with its own free standing poles. The floor is exactly like other tents: extremely roomy and comfortably sleeps four people, although I just leave it for the guys.  I don’t care, so long as I can get him to go camping with us without pulling that long face.


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